Push, Pull, Legs

Push Pull Legs is a three-day on, then one day off training plan. Each day is built to allow you maximum strength and optimum training. The plan below is focusing on a 1-2 main compound movement. Followed by accessory movements. This allows for strength building at the start of your workout where you have the most energy. Then allowing you to achieve a lot more reps to build that physic that you are looking for.

Workout Plan

The schedule for push-pull-legs is typically followed on a three-day on, then one day off. As seen above Monday is push, Tuesday is pull, then Wednesday is legs. Followed by a rest day. Then the cycle starts again. This is recommended as it allows for the maximum amount of exercises and reps done for each muscle group in a week. While allowing the body to rest and rebuild itself. Below you will find the workout plan for Push Pull Legs.

All of our plans below have a youtube link to watch how to correctly perform these exercises. All videos have been checked and approved by our qualified personal trainers who have provided our plans below. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Push - Chest, Shoulder & Triceps

This is the first day of the workout plan. Below is our Push day plan. All our plans bellow is not set in concrete but a recommendation to follow. For our more experienced users, we recommend adding an extra working set to each exercise. Or shortening the rest period.

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Bench Press 2 8 3 Mins
Seated Arnold Press 2 15 3 Mins
Close Grip Smith Press 2 15 2 Mins
Low To High Cable Flys 2 20 2 Mins
Barbell Skull Crushers 2 10-12 2 Mins
Cable Side Raises 2 12-15 2 Mins
Rope Overhead Tricep Extentions 2 12-15 2 Mins
Hanging Leg Raises 3 12 2 Mins

Pull - Back & Biceps

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Single Arm Lat Pull Down 3 15 1-2 Mins
Pull Ups 3 12 2 Mins
Chest Supported Rows 3 8 2 Mins
Single Arm Rows 3 8 2 Mins
Low To High Reverse Cable Flys 3 12-15 2 Mins
Rope Upright Rows 3 20 2 Mins
Dumbbell Curls 3 12-15 2 Mins
Spider Curls 3 20 2 Mins

Legs - Quads, Hamstrings & Calves

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Deadlifts 5 3 2-3 Mins
Smith Tempo Squats 2 6 2-3 Mins
Hyperextentions 2 20 2 Mins
Smith Reverse Lunges 3 15 2 Mins
Leg Extentions 3 12 2 Mins
Leg Curls 3 12 2 Mins
Calf Raises 3 12 2 Mins

Followed by a rest day, then repeat the cycle.